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TeXShop is a Tex previewer for Mac OS X. For more information, click on Below are the slides from a talk given at OIMT on May 19, 2012. Below is an install package for Ghostscript 9.14. Ghostscript 9.14 was released on March 26, 2014. The package will work on Leopard and above, for Intel or PPC. In case it causes trouble, install the previous version.

WARNING: Ghostscript 9.14 has a bug and is not currently recommended. The bug was reported to the Ghostscript programmers. If you have a LaTeX document using hyperlink and you typeset it with TeX+DVI, the links don't work. Ghostscript 9.10 below is fine.

Below is an install package for Ghostscript 9.10. Below is an install package for Ghostscript 9.07. This package is part of MacTeX-2013. Here are two files about making a small TeX distribution for Mac OS X:

I recently taught You may also want to access: Notes from a lecture at Bend:

Two other small Cocoa programs for Mac OS X are available:

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