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TeXShop is a Tex previewer for Mac OS X. For more information, click on The link below downloads a "LocalTeX" preference pane. This pane is a complement to the "TeX Dist" preference pane installed by MacTeX, which allows a user to select the active TeX distribution. The local pane allows individual users to override the choice made for all users by the TeX Dist pane, and to select distributions installed on a thumb drive, external hard disk, or home directory. It does not modify any data used by the TeX Dist pane and works on Mountain Lion and above, including Yosemite. The download includes the LocalTeX pane, documentation, and full source code. Ghostscript 9.19 was released March 23, 2016. Below is a Macintosh install package for Ghostscript 9.19. The package works on both PPC and Intel, for Leopard and above. Please test this package, which will be part of TeX Live 2016. In case of trouble, you can revert to Ghostscript 9.18 below. Ghostscript 9.18 was released last November. Below is a Macintosh install package for Ghostscript 9.18. The package works on both PPC and Intel, for Leopard and above. Basic TeX is a small distribution of TeX for the Macintosh, available on CTAN and from the MacTeX site at Here is a paper about making this distribution. Before 2015, MacTeX installed a link at /usr/texbin which pointed indirectly to the TeX binaries. In El Capitan, /usr is not writable by users. Therefore, MacTeX-2015 and BasicTeX-2015 and later install a new link, /Library/TeX/texbin, which is entirely equivalent to the original link. Most GUI apps now automatically reconfigure themselves to use the new link on El Capitan.

A few users upgrade to El Capitan, find that their older version of TeX no longer works, but don't want to download the enormous MacTeX-2015. These users can download and install FixLink below, which writes the new symbolic link for them. After that, older distributions work fine on El Capitan.

Below are longer articles about topics which interest me: Below are the slides from a talk given at Humboldt State University in 2015 You may also want to access: Notes from a lecture at Bend: I recently taught Two other small Cocoa programs for Mac OS X are available:

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