K-12 Outreach Committee

Mission Statement

In the Eugene and Springfield community we wish to give K-12 females and other minorities underrepresented in STEM fields a positive experience with mathematics. We will also encourage these students to pursue higher education in fields that require advanced mathematics. In addition, we would like to build awareness for K-12 outreach opportunities within the U of O math department.

Committee Co-Chairs

Janelle Currey
Graduate Teaching Fellow

Jeffrey Musyt
Graduate Teaching Fellow

2015-2016 Committee Co-Chairs: Janelle Currey, Jeffrey Musyt
2014-2015 Committee Chair: Janelle Currey
2013-2014 Committee Chair: Tyler Kloefkorn

Science Factory Math Program

With the Science Factory, the K-12 Outreach committee organized a math program for girls in grades 4-6 on Saturday, May 10, 2014. The girls participated in activities involving cryptography (the Caesar Cipher and Route Cipher), multilinks (exploring patterns), the Mobius strip, and the Towers of Hanoi.

They organized another math program on Saturday, March 14, 2015 (Pi Day!). This time, the girls participated in activities involving probability and Buffon's needle, bubbles and minimal surfaces, the game of Nim, and tiling.

Volunteering Opportunities

Here is a list of volunteering opportunities:

Please email Janelle if you have questions about these opportunities or suggestions for this list.