MAT 316, Winter 2018

Welcome to Math 316, Fundamentals of Analysis. The syllabus is here.

This website will be used to make announcements, post homework assignments, etcetera.

My office hours are Monday and Tuesday at 10AM in Fenton 210. The course assistant, Martin Hiserote, will have office hours Monday 2-4 and Tuesday 11-12 and Friday 12-1 in Deady 12.
We will be working from Understanding Analysis 2nd ed. by Stephen Abbott. This semester I expect we will cover chapter 1, 2, parts of 3 and 4, and topics from chapter 8.
The homeworks will be posted here.

The first quiz will occur in class on Friday 2/2. It will be approximately 20 minutes long, and cover chapter 1 and related material. The quiz can now be found here and the solutions here.

Here is part of a work on the mathematics done by theologians, relating to countability and other notions of infinity. I might recommend the bottom of p622 and following, last paragraph of p624, the bottom of p627 and following, and p631-2.

The midterm is coming up on Monday 2/12. I have posted a discussion on canvas with some links to other midterms, for practice. Expect it to be a little less than twice as long as the quiz. The midterm can now be found here and the solutions here.

As announced on canvas, the second quiz is on Friday 3/9. It will cover topics through continuity and functional limits, but not including the intermediate value theorem. The quiz can now be found here and the solutions here.

I will be making a number of announcements on canvas near the end of the term (study guide, office hours, HW9 pickup, etcetera) so please stay tuned.

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