QUAntum groups, Categorification, Knot invariants, and Soergel bimodules

August 10-14, 2020
University of Oregon

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In order not to overwhelm participants with too many online talks, we have moved the minicourse to the previous week, August 3-7. Details are on the Schedule page.

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QUACKS will feature a minicourse on Hopfological algebra and categorification at a root of unity, given by You Qi (University of Virginia). This minicourse will be accessible to graduate students (assuming a standard graduate algebra sequence).

Invited speakers include:

Nicolle Gonzalez (UCLA)

Matt Hogancamp (Northeastern University)

Joel Kamnitzer (University of Toronto)

Mikhail Khovanov (Columbia University)

Shotaro Makisumi (Columbia University)

You Qi (University of Virginia)

Louis-Hadrien Robert (Universite de Geneve)

David Rose (University of North Carolina)

Catharina Stroppel (Universitat Bonn)

Joshua Sussan (CUNY)

Anne-Laure Thiel (Universite de Caen)

Daniel Tubbenhauer (Universitat Zurich)

Emmanuel Wagner (IMJ-PRG)

Ben Webster (Perimeter Institute and University of Waterloo)

Paul Wedrich (Universitat Bonn)

Geordie Williamson (University of Sydney)


Focused Research Group "Algebra and Geometry Behind Link Homology"
Supported by the NSF grant DMS - 1760329

Organizing Committee

Benjamin Elias*, Eugene Gorsky, Andrei Neguț, Alexei Oblomkov, Lev Rozansky, Anne Schilling.
* contact person