QUAntum groups, Categorification, Knot invariants, and Soergel bimodules

August 10-14, 2020
University of Oregon

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Zoom information

The talks (and coffee break chatrooms) will be held on Zoom. Links to the zoom rooms will be emailed to participants each morning. Registration will be required to get this email; you can share the link with a non-registered person (though it would be better if they registered), but please do not post the links online, for security reasons.

Links to slides and other materials will also be made available, either online or by email. Lectures will be recorded and made available. Details to come.

Each hour-long talk will have the format: 25 minutes of lecture, 5 minutes of break, 25 minutes of lecture, and then 5 minutes of questions.

When you enter the zoom room you will be automatically muted, and you should stay muted during the talks by default. If you wish to ask a question aloud, you are welcome to unmute yourself to ask the question. Alternatively, you can ask the question in chat, in the expectation that it will be answered by other participants or by the speaker after the lecture. We will not expect the speakers to monitor the chat during their lecture. Alternatively, you can privately chat the question to an organizer, who will ask anonymously on your behalf.