Selected Publications (needs updating)

We use monthly panel data on birth outcomes for more than 3000 U.S. counties, combined with the timing of heat waves during trimesters of gestation, to identify statistical relationships between prenatal exposure and adverse outcomes for the newborn or the mother.
In Risk Analysis, 2017.

Members of Cornell University’s eBird project report bird sitings at geo-coded destinations. With origin information, we can infer the value to this group of biodiversity in bird species by observing how much more in travel costs they are willing to incur to gain opportunities to see more diverse populations of birds.
In Ecological Economics, 2017.

A set of guidelines for SP studies that is more comprehensive than that of the original National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Blue Ribbon Panel on contingent valuation, is more germane to contemporary applications, and reflects the two decades of research since that time.
In Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2017.

A failed 2010 ballot proposition sought an $18 per year increase in vehicle registration fees to provide revenue to support state parks. Using data aggregated to the census tract level, we examine factors that affected this effort to retreat somewhat from a `user pays’ approach to funding state parks.
In Land Economics, 2017.

Recent Publications (needs updating)

. Willingness to pay for public health policies to treat illnesses. In Journal of Health Economics, 2015.

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. Valuing morbidity in environmental benefit-cost analysis. In Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2014.

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. Demand for health risk reductions. In Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2013.

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. Distal order effects in stated preference surveys. In Ecological Economics, 2011.

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. Willingness to pay for other species' well-being. In Ecological Economics, 2011.

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. Demand for health risk reductions: A cross-national comparison between the U.S. and Canada. In Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2010.

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. Distributional preferences and the incidence of costs and benefits in climate change policy. In Environmental & Resource Economics, 2010.

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. Euthanizing the Value of a Statistical Life. In Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2010.

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Internal Carbon Pricing Project

Research to assess support for internal carbon pricing programs with different attributes

Value of Health Risk Reductions

Measuring people’s willingness to pay for environmental health risk reductions

eBird Project

Research to assess the non-market value of opportunities to see wild birds


During the 2017-2018 academic year, I am scheduled to teach the following courses at the University of Oregon:

  • EC 435, EC 535: Natural Resource Economics
  • ENVS 335: Allocating Scarce Environmental Resources
  • EC 607: Seminar in Environmental Economics
  • EC 425, EC 525: Econometrics