Latin American Studies

The interdisciplinary Latin American Studies major provides a thorough grounding in the languages, history, geography, and cultural and socio-economic issues of the region, offering an in-depth look at the richness and diversity of a vast area and its peoples. Investigate why Frida Kahlo's paintings are so enduringly popular. Dive into the world of Latin American soccer. Separate fact from fiction in the biography of Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Sample popular dishes in countries across Latin America. Whether drawn to pre-Columbian art, the striking wonder of the Amazon rainforest, or the history of colonialism, students are forever changed by their newfound knowledge.
Top Five
Reasons to Study
This Major
  1. Understand the histories, societies, and cultures of this region of the world.

  2. Learn and grow in an interdisciplinary field.

  3. Become an informed and engaged global citizen.

  4. Develop critical language skills.

  5. Prepare yourself for a wide variety of future careers of further studies.

College of Arts and Sciences
Where Can I Go?

Students in Latin American Studies pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Latin American Studies provides students with a foundation in employment in:

Non-governmental organizations

Law firms

Public interest groups

Community action agencies

Youth organizations and camps

Consulting firms

Research institutes

Humanitarian services

Print and broadcast media companies

Colleges and universities
Alumni Jobs

Legal assistant

Training coordinator

Tech support engineer


Community outreach manager

Non-profit assistant director
Courses You
May Need

1st Year
HIST 380; LAS 200; LAS 211; SPAN 101; SPAN 102; SPAN 103; WR 121; WR 122

2nd Year
HIST 281; INTL 280; LAS 212; SPAN 201; SPAN 202; SPAN 203

3rd Year
INTL 446; LAS 407; SPAN 301; SPAN 302; SPAN 303; SPAN 311; SPAN 312

4th Year
SPAN 342; SPAN 344; PS 330

Major Credits
Required 28
Electives 20

Total 48

Core Education Requirements

BS or BA Degree Minimum = 180 credits.

Core Education is approximately 71—83 credits depending on transfer credits and placement scores and requires courses in:


Math and/or CIS (BS) or Language (BA)

US: Difference, Inequality, Agency

Global Perspectives

Areas of Inquiry in:

Arts and Letters

Social Science / Science
What Will I Learn?

Oral and written communication

Critical thinking and analysis

Language tutoring and translating

Grant writing


Policy Development

Policy analysis

Program administration and evaluation

Economic and community development

Public outreach and community relations
Experiential learning opportunities

Internship opportunities in seven different countries

Study abroad

Volunteer with local organizations

Specialized Courses

Native South Americans [Anthropology]

Aztecs and Incas [History]

Governments and Politics in Latin America [Political Science]

United States Latino Literature and Culture [Spanish]

Colonial Latin American Literature [Spanish]
Add A Minor Or Certificate

Indigenous, Race, & Ethnic Studies (IRES)




Environmental Studies

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