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I have been involved in a number of efforts in K-12 mathematics education, predominantly building on implementation efforts for the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM). These standards set forth a mathematically correct and coherent framework to support best teaching practices in K-12 mathematics.

I am a Content Leader for the Illustrative Mathematics Project, which aims to elaborate on the standards by providing exemplar tasks. My focus has been more on K-8, and I have also been involved in efforts to illustrate the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

In the summer of 2012, I worked with local school districts by running a professional development program on the CCSSM through the Lane ESD as well as by consulting on a program of the Center for Advanced Technology in Education at the University of Oregon. One interesting and seemingly successful feature of the professional development model was to have co-learners from higher education - undergrad, grad students, and instructor from the math department - who could provide mathematical experience and perspective to complement the teachers' expertise. There are a number of plans to build on these efforts in the future.

I plan to work with local districts, Lane ESD, and the University's School of Journalism and Communication to develop a resource site which is both accessible to novices and aggregates a number of high-quality resources. The goal is to provide resources to allow teachers and others to gain a significant amount of familiarity on their own, so that professional development and other efforts can start to work at a deeper level. Stay tuned, but for now let me point to the following

  • Slides from my introductory presentation on the CCSSM. In discussing any complex system it is usually best to highlight one aspect first. I focus on the kinds of engaging questions which will be a mainstay in CCSSM-aligned curricula, which I informally call "juicy tasks."
  • Progressions documents (see links on bottom of page) which lay out the subject matter of the CCSSM in a coherent narrative.
  • A priorities document by one of the lead writers of the standards. A common mis-reading is to assume all topics are equally important or demand equal amounts of class time. This document gives a birds-eye-view prioritization.
  • CCSSM Tools and CCSSM Forum and resources from the Math Common Core Coalition.