| University of Oregon | Environmental Studies Department


As our impact on the natural world advances at a rapidly increasing rate, our need for environmental education becomes ever more pressing.  The rocky shores of the southern Oregon coast are a place of extraordinary natural beauty and biological diversity.  It is no wonder that it sparks the imagination and curiosity of such a broad spectrum of visitors.  As part of the University of Oregon’s Environmental Leadership Program, we are assisting the Oregon State Park system as environmental educators and interpreters in the rocky intertidal ecosystem within Sunset Bay and Cape Arago State Parks.  Our focus is primarily directed towards K-12 students on field trips from regional public schools, and we are also providing interpretation for the general public.  To further our knowledge of local marine ecosystems we are attending classes at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology and shadowing local interpretive programs.  This environmental leadership project is a unique opportunity to advance our own knowledge while providing a service to the surrounding communities.