Electronic Music Interactive v2

Welcome to Electronic Music Interactive

Electronic Music Interactive v. 2 is a multimedia primer for electronic music that prepares students for more advanced study. Electronic Music Interactive v. 2 includes diagrams, interactive animations with sound, and a glossary that defines the content distributed across topic modules. Among the topics discussed are how sound is represented in the analog and digital domains, basic waveforms, basic synthesis modules, and MIDI. Students and teachers of electronic music everywhere are invited to try the new version of Electronic Music Interactive!

  • Future Music Oregon (FMO) - School of Music and Dance at the University of Oregon

    Future Music Oregon is the conceptual and actual space that hosts the music technology and intermedia program as well as the technology-based concert series. FMO strives to create music through the exploration of acousmatic music, intermedia, interactive performance, and data-driven instruments.

  • Oregon Electronic Device Orchestra (OEDO)

    Oregon Electronic Device Orchestra (OEDO) is a performance group dedicated to performing electronic music and intermedia with batteries of sensors, game controllers, real-time video analysis, wireless communication devices, or any real or virtual data source. This FMO based ensemble regularly performs as part of the Future Music Oregon concert series.

  • Commitment to New Music

    Future Music Oregon is dedicated to the exploration of sound and its creation, to new forms of musical and new media performance, and to the innovative use of computers and other recent technologies to create expressive music and new media compositions.

  • The FMO Program

    Future Music Oregon classes encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative engagement. Through coursework, FMO students have access to superb education and creation studios that contain the most recent musical technologies. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Music technology are offered through the School of Music and the University of Oregon.