Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project
Archaeological Field School
2014 Summer Session

Bones and Bone Tools

Pictured below are bone tools and implements. These artifacts have been discovered over the course of many years of careful excavation in the Fort Rock Basin area.

Unit 5-6 vertebrae in situ

Excavation of Pleistocene Bones

Possible Bone Tool

Split Bone

Pleistocene Camel Bones

Polished Bone


Horse Toe Bones

Cut Bone

Large Mammal Bone

Camel Bones

Another Pleistocene Bone

Antler Wedge

Cave 5 Camelid Patella, Thomas Stafford

Bone Spoons

12,000 Year Old Bison Horn Core Spatula

Bone Tools and atlatl weight (upper right)

Horse Phalange, Cave 5