Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project
Archaeological Field School
2018 Summer Session

Field School Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential for doing archaeological field work. Below you will find sections on:

Personal Equipment

The project area can be hot and dry and full of plants that grab at skin and clothing. At other times, it can be windy and cold or stormy. Clothes and bedding suitable to a wide range of conditions are recommended. Here is a list of suggested items:

Rimrock Draw Excavation in Progress
Rimrock Draw Excavation in Progress

Field school students leave directly from a predetermined location on the meeting date, so everything must be brought at that time. Students pack a lunch and snacks on the first day to eat on the way to field school camp. Private vehicles should be filled with gas and ready to travel.

Required Archaeological Field School Equipment

Upon acceptance, students are responsible for purchasing these items before field school.

Marshalltown Masonry Trowel
Marshalltown Masonry Trowel
Hand Lens (Loupe)
Hand Lens (Loupe)
Item Approx. Cost
Marshalltown Masonry Trowel (6" x 2¾") $6.50
Stanley Line Level (metal) $4.00
Stanley Powerlock Tape (5 m x ¾")
Paintbrush (2-3") $3.00
Whiskbroom $7.00
Forceps $5.00
Hand Lens or Loupe (10x) - optional $6.00
Clipboard $2.00
Sharpies (2 @ $1.25) $2.50
Mechanical Pencil and Lead (0.7 mm) $1.50
Plastic Tool Box - optional $6.00
Work Gloves - optional $4.00
Total: $59.00
without optionals: $43.00