6 hours of testing:

Weekdays & Weekends
Morning – Afternoon, Evening
Thursday – Afternoon
Friday – Morning, Afternoon
Saturday – Evening
Sunday – Afternoon, (Early) Evening


For our observation we will choose an unobtrusive location with clear views of the escalator (the Valley River Center mezzanine escalator). To collect data, we will use stopwatches to record the amount of time mall patrons occupy the escalator (i.e. by standing, walking, running the opposite direction, etc.) for both the upward-heading escalator and the downward-heading escalator. We will start and stop the recording on the hour, giving us the total time of use during a one-hour time period. We will repeat this activity during different days and times of the week to have a comprehensive set of data. To analyze the data, we will compare the input with the escalator specifications to calculate the energy loss resulting from escalator disuse. From there, we will research the latest innovations in escalator technology to find potential energy saving systems.