ALCPG11 - Linear Collider Workshop of the Americas

19-23 March, 2011. Eugene, USA

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Eugene Eugene

Financial Support

Financial Support for students and postdocs to participate in ALCPG11

The 2011 Linear Collider Workshop of the Americas will be held March 19-23, 2011 at the University of Oregon. See Subsistence support may be available for students and post-docs. To apply, please send an email to with Subject line "travel fellowship: [candidate's name]" and, in the Body of the message:

  • the name and contact information of the candidate
  • the name of the institute
  • the degree program (for students)
  • the name of the supervisor
  • a brief biographical sketch
  • a description of the candidate's current research

Each application should be accompanied by a letter of reference from the candidate's supervisor or from the convener of the parallel session in which the candidate's work will be presented. Please submit that letter of reference to with Subject line "letter of reference for [candidate's name]".

The first deadline for financial aid applications is February 15. Applications will continue to be accepted until support decisions are completed.