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Nishiki-e Shūshindan (Brocade Pictures for Moral Education), Volume 2

Raikō (Yorimitsu) Enters the Treasure Mountain from the series Sketches by Yoshitoshi

Japanese Color Woodblock Prints 

Nishiki-e Shūshindan

(Brocade Pictures for Moral Education)

Volume 2, 1882

by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

Ikina from the series Instructive Models of Lofty Ambition

IHL Cat. #1539

Loyalty of Kusunoki Masashige
IHL Cat. #1539a
[Kusonoki's parting speech to his son at Sakura Station on his way to the Battle of Minatogawa, telling his eleven year old son Masatsura "I feel this is the last time I will see your face in this life."  He orders him  to return home to Kawachi to continue the family line and to support the emperor until death, ending by saying "This will be your most important filial duty to me.".]
Wang Lan Harmony Between Siblings
IHL Cat. #1539b
[Wang Lan preventing his mother from beating his half-brother. For more details on the story Wang Lan Harmony Between Siblings from the illustrated textbook Nishikie Shūshindan, Volume 2]

The Benevolence of Harry? Lane 
IHL Cat. #1539c
[Thirteen year old boy from Philadelphia saves train from
plunging off the burnt bridge between Baltimore and Susquehanna]

About This Book

Volume two of a six volume set of moral instruction textbooks designed for young children titled Nishiki-e shūshindan 錦絵修身談, Brocade Pictures for Moral Education. Each volume contained from one to three color woodblock prints by one of the most popular artists of the time Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), who also designed the black and white illustrations that accompanied the short stories written by Yamana Tomesaburō, based upon the morally illustrative actions of adults and children from Japan, China and the West.

This volume contains three color woodblock prints by Yoshitoshi titled The Loyalty of Kusunoki Masashige 楠正成の忠, Wang Lan Harmony Between Siblings 王覧の悌 and The Benevolence of Harry Lane エリーレーンの仁 which are shown below along with the all the pages in the textbook.  This volume contains fifteen short stories and eight black and white illustrations.

For more information about these textbooks see the article on this site Brocade Pictures for Moral Education.




The Loyalty of Kusunoki Masashige

Wang Lan Harmony Between Siblings

The Benevolence of Ellie? Lane
[Yamana Tomesaburō]
辻敬之 編輯
[Tsuji Keiji editor]
[Masukawa Kanyū]
(story 1)
(一) 杯の水芳名(ヨキナ)
(story 2)
(二) 孝子食を路(ミチ)


(story 3)
(story 4)

(story 5)
Travelers Under Maple Trees
(story 6)
(story 7)

(story 8)
(story 9)
If children obey and listen to their father, they will become good persons

 (story 10)
Honesty is always rewarded by men or gods
(story 11)
(story 12)

(story 13)
(story 14)
(十四) 馬主人の言辞に感じて 
The Horse that Saved Its Master by Sacrificing itself after it Understood Its Master’s Words

(story 15)
(story 15 continued and colophon)
Colophon info:
Meiji 15th year, 3rd month, 1st day publishing rights license [permit]
 編輯人 山名留三郎
Editor Yamana Tomesaburō  
 編輯人  増川蚶雄
Editor Masukawa Kanyū
編輯兼出版人 辻敬之
Editor and Publisher Tsuji Keiji
出版發兌 普及舎
Publication Fukyūsha
catalog of the publisher's books

Book Details

 IHL Catalog #1539
 Title Nishiki-e Shūshindan  錦絵修身談 巻二
 (Brocade Pictures for Moral Education; also seen translated as Instructive Stories in Color Prints and Color Prints of Stories for Moral Education)
 Author Yamana Tomesaburō 山名留三郎 
 Editor Masukawa Kanyū 増川蚶雄   
 Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)
 Signatures of Artist
left to right:
大蘇芳年画 Taiso Yoshitoshi ga with 大蘇  Taiso seal (Loyalty of Kusunoki Masashige)
芳年画 Yoshitoshi ga with 大蘇  Taiso seal (Wang Lan Harmony Between Siblings)
應需芳年\画 Ōju Yoshitoshi ga with 大蘇  Taiso seal (The Benevolence of Harry Lane)

芳年画 Yoshitoshi ga [typical on all black and white illustrations]
 Seal of Artist 大蘇 Taiso as shown above
 Date March 1882
 Publisher  辻敬之 普及舎 Tsuji Keiji of Fukyūsha
Enkatsu tō 円活刀 [full name Enkatsu Noguchi]
All three color prints carry this carver seal
 Impression good
 Colors excellent
 Condition fair - wormage throughout
 Genre ehon 絵本; ōraimono 往来物 (elementary school textbook); kyōiku nishikie
The stamped seal of Ōmiya Elementary School appearing on the upper right of the first page of text.

 Format fukurotoji binding; the three color prints bound into the front of the book are horizontal aiban-size folded in half for insertion
 H x W Book 8 13/16 x 5 7/8 in. (22.4 x 14.9 cm)
 Collections This Print National Diet Library call no. 特35-408; Minneapolis Institute of Art 2017.106.255.3
 Reference Literature

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