Leif Karlstrom

Current Research Group

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Josh Crozier, PhD student
Volcano seismicity
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Rachel Hampton, PhD student
flood basalts, machine learning for petrology
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Allison Kubo, PhD student
Dike swarms
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Nate Klema, PhD student
Landscape evolution
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Dan O'Hara, PhD student
Volcanic landscapes
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Chris Harper, PhD student
Statistics of eruption sequences
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Genesee Lucia, PhD student
Volcanic conduit flow

Past Group Members

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Allan Lerner, PhD 2020
Magma chamber observations
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Maria McQuillan, MSc 2020
Glacier hydrology
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Matthew Morriss, PhD 2020
Flood Basalt Dikes
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Paul Richardson, Postdoc 2015-2017
Volcanic landscapes
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Connie Ozimek, MSc 2017
Magma Chamber modeling
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Jon Perry-Houts, PhD 2019
Lithospheric instabilities