Coquille Point Wildlife Refuge

Coquille Point Wildlife Refuge is a part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge.  The flat top of Coquille Point offers views of large sea stack islands offshore, nesting sites for multitudes of seabirds.  Cliffs fall to the beach below, surf crashes on sand and rock, and dozens of sea stacks are within sight.  This is a magical place.

A paved cliff-top loop trail and a few benches cater to spectators.  There is a beach access  150  stairway in the elbow of the cliff on the south side.  A trail leads north along the bluff-top to another beach access  150A  trail with stairs on the north side.  It’s half a mile north on the beach to Bandon South Jetty Park, and half a mile south on the beach to Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint.

Take 11th Avenue 1.2 miles west of US101 in Bandon.  A block west of Beach Loop Road, there is parking for a dozen cars.  Or park on the huge lot at Bandon South Jetty Park and walk down the beach to Coquille Point.  Bandon South Jetty Park has rest rooms and water; Coquille Point has neither.

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