Bandon South Jetty Park

Bandon South Jetty Park is a park in Bandon, Oregon, in southern Coos County.  The park is located west (down river) of Old Town, at the base of the south jetty where the Coquille River flows into the Pacific Ocean.  The park offers ample parking, rest rooms, water, a view across the river to the Coquille River Light, and access to both the south jetty and one of Oregon's coolest beaches.  The beach access is number  149 .

This beach is popular.  It appeals to beachcombers who find jasper and agates here, and to sight-seers who enjoy the profusion of oddly-shaped rock formations and sea stacks that jut from the beach and the near-shore waters.

This beach is long, stretching southward from the jetty past sea stacks and islands along the Bandon seafront, past Coquile Point Wildlife Refuge  150A  &  150 , Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint  151 , the Tish-A-Tang  152  and Mars Lane  153  beach accesses, past Devil's Kitchen  154  and the rest of the Bandon State Natural Area beach accesses along Beach Loop Road, miles south to the mouth of the New River and beyond past Floras Lake.  But creeks abound, so wear soakable beach shoes and be prepared to ford creeks if you want to hike for miles.  On the other hand, beach access points are plentiful along Beach Loop Road as well, so you can explore in chunks.

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