Cove Beach

Cove Beach has a pocket beach between tree-clad rocky promontories in the stunning scenery-packed Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.  A small sandy pull-out near milepost 167 on US 101 offers parking for a few cars.  A trail leads through wind-twisted coastal trees and salal brush down to the beach.

A terrace of rough volcanic rock underlying the headlands wraps around the headland to the north (from Devil's Churn).  A similar rock terrace crowds the beach on its south side and similarly wraps around the headland to the south.  The rock terraces are interesting to explore, but not without some danger of sneaker waves snatching you into churning, rock-studded ocean waters.

Only three miles south of Yachats, but close to the Lincoln/Lane county line, this rugged stretch of the Oregon coast feels remote.  Much of the human presence is parks.  The area is mostly without cell phone service.  It's a scenic wonderland, however, and popular with travelers.