Fishing Rock State Recreation Site

Fishing Rock is a black rock island at the end of a prominence that juts out into the Pacific Ocean.  The day-use recreation site includes parking and an expanse of bluff-top land with trails through a wind-blasted tangle of cedar and shore pine.  The edge of the world offers views of the rock formations and the ocean.  It's located just north of milepost 125 on US 101 in unincorporated Lincoln Beach.

To the north, a long beach stretches seven miles past Lincoln Beach, Gleneden Beach, and the Salishan Spit to Siletz Bay.  One of the Fishing Rock trails offers steep, often muddy access  52  to the south end of that long beach; follow the signage for the Oregon Coast Trail.

To the south is the edge of a cliff.  Bats flit from fissures at dusk.  Waves crash on fallen boulders below.  A short beach leads south to a rock formation, beyond which is the beach at Fogarty Creek.  I don't see a way down on the south side, for a sane hiker.  One might need to find a land route to the next beach access to the south.

The view to the north from Fishing Rock is a long sandy beach under orange sandstone bluffs, eventually culminating with Cascade Head.  The view to the south is a series of headlands and coves as the Coast Range crowds the ocean.

Fishing Rock State Recreation Site doesn't have its own page at the Oregon State Parks web site, though it's mentioned in a PDF map of the Oregon Coast Trail.  For a place seemingly too insignificant to merit its own page, lots of other folks have written about it at AllTrails,, Outdoor Project,,, and  View images at Google Image Search.