Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area

Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area offers a small but picturesque beach near milepost 125 on US 101, north of Depoe Bay in Lincoln County, Oregon.  (Map)  There are actually two mirror-image facilities, with two means of ingress from US 101.  The north entrance is at the south end of Lincoln Beach, across the highway from the Surfrider resort as the highway begins to slope down toward the Fogarty Creek bridge.  The south entrance is south of the bridge as the highway climbs back to the level of the surrounding bluffs.  Both sides offer paved parking areas, picnic shelters, restrooms, and trails beside the creek under the highway bridge to the beach.

Fogarty Creek meets the Pacific at a small beach  52A .  A distinctive rock formation is a sea stack at high tide, but at low tide is accessible to climb and view sea life in the tidepools.  The beach is rimmed with sedimentary bluffs that can provide some shelter from the winds, and end the beach abruptly to the south.  To the north, rock formations emerge from the sand, which ends at a larger formation -- but the nimble can clamber over to another small beach beyond, extending to the bluff at Fishing Rock.

As at Bob Creek 45 miles to the south, freshly-broken agates at Fogarty Creek suggest rough wave action and a rocky sea bed nearby.

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