Gleneden Beach State Recreation Site

Gleneden Beach State Recreation Site is a day use park and beach access  51A  in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.  (Map.)  It offers paved parking with a couple dozen spaces, picnic tables, rest rooms, and a short paved path to the beach through a slot in the shore-pine-clad bluffs.  The view spans from Cape Foulweather to the south to Cascade Head to the north.

There are about two miles of sandy beach to the south, ending at the rocks at Fishing Rock.  You can cross Schoolhouse Creek with dry feet by walking over the placed stones where the creek emerges onto the beach.  If the tide is out and they aren't covered by sand, you'll find weirdly-sculpted low formations of a crystalline-textured black rock (slate? shale?) with embedded fossil shells.

Bobcat says there is a ghost forest usually buried under sand south of the park as well.

To the north, there are about four sandy miles to the end of the Salishan Spit.

Begun 2017.