Schedule for the West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar, University of Oregon, Saturday 20 Oct.--Sunday 21 Oct. 2012

This is the schedule for the West Coast Operator Algebra Seminar, University of Oregon, Saturday 20 Oct.--Sunday 21 Oct. 2012. A pdf file of the abstracts is here.

Corrected version. (Three talks have been cyclically permuted, because one of the early speakers had his flight cancelled.)

All talks will be in 110 Fenton Hall. For information on location and what is in this room, see below.

This conference was partially supported by the US National Science Foundation under Grant Number DMS-1246668. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the US National Science Foundation.



9:00--9:25 Room open Registration; handouts.
9:25--9:30 Brief announcements
9:30--10:20 Matilde Marcolli Quantum statistical mechanics, operator algebras, and reconstruction of number fields
10:20--10:30 Short break
10:30--10:55 Andre Kornell On the category of von Neumann algebras. Talk slides.
10:55--11:20 Coffee break
11:20--12:10 Adrian Ioana Cartan subalgebras in amalgamated free product II_1 factors. (Blackboard talk--no slides.)
12:10--2:00 Lunch
2:00--2:50 Feng Xu On questions about intermediate subfactors. (Blackboard talk--no slides.)
2:50--3:00 Short break
3:00--3:25 Luis Santiago W-stable C*-algebras. (Blackboard talk--no slides.)
3:25--3:50 Coffee break
3:50--4:40 Yasuhiko Sato Tracial state spaces of nuclear simple C*-algebras with finite dimensional extreme boundary. (Blackboard talk--no slides.)
4:40--4:50 Short break
4:50--5:40 Frederic Latremoliere Quantum locally compact metric spaces. Talk slides.


9:00--9:50 Yoshiko Ogata Probability distributions in quantum spin systems. (Blackboard talk--no slides.)
9:50--10:00 Short break
10:00--10:25 Branimir Cacic Reconstruction theorems in noncommutative Riemannian geometry. Talk slides.
10:25--10:50 Coffee break
10:50--11:15 Michael Hartglass Rigid C* tensor categories of bimodules over interpolated free group factors. Talk slides.
11:15--11:25 Short break
11:25--12:15 Franz Luef On the structure of vector bundles over noncommutative tori. Talk slides.


The talks are in 110 Fenton. To find Fenton Hall on the campus map: The building approximately half way from the center to the top left corner of the map is the Miller Theater Complex, also labelled Villard in smaller type. Deady Hall is the next building to the south, and Fenton Hall is the next building to the south of that. Fenton Hall is the next building to the east of the Lillis Business Complex.

Walking instructions from the Best Western New Oregon Motel (and from other motels) can be found starting about half way down the motel information page.

Information about the room is here. (It is mostly useful for speakers.) The link to a campus map goes to the same page as above--the building isn't specially marked.

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