Lisbon summer school crossed products course

This is the home page for my short course on crossed product C*-algebras, given at the International Summer School on Operator Algebras and Applications, sponsored by the Research Center for Functional Analysis and Applications of the Instituto Superior Técnico. Dates: 15--19 June 2009.

Course abstract: pdf; AMSLaTeX.

The course will be somewhat similar to courses given at the Ottawa Summer School in August 2007, at the Fields Institute in the fall of 2007, and at the University of Oregon in the spring of 2008. I have a draft set of lecture notes. The latest version (substantially expanded since this course) is at the home page for my CRM course of June 2011. There is considerably more material in these notes than can be covered in one short course, but it will certainly help to try to read them before the course.

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