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Eugene Math Circle

Eugene Math Circle

Applying to the Eugene Math Circle

All new students should apply to a session recommended for their grade level: 2-3 graders to Elementary I, 4-5 graders to Elementary II, 6-7 graders to Upper Division I, 8-9 graders to Upper Division II and 10-12 graders to Upper Division III. The continuing students should consult their instructor concerning which session to apply to.

Fill out the online application form: Application Form, Fall 2023 by September 11, 2023. Late applications will be considered only if there are openings in the class. If the class your child is applying to is full, they will be put on the waiting list.

You should be receiving an email from us by September 15. If your child has been accepted to the program, the email will contain a link to the payment site. If you are requesting a scholarship, you will receive a link to the scholarship application form.

Payment: The cost of the program is $300 per term per student but thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer a sliding-scale option for tuition: $100, $200, or $300 per term. We are also able to provide financial aid up to the full tuition, so let us know if the $100 fee would cause financial difficulty for your family. The deadline for scholarship applications is September 19. All payments are due by September 22. If you'd like to sponsor the program and allow us to continue providing low cost math classes in the future, please make a tax-deductible donation here.

The Eugene Math Circle is supported by the Department of Mathematics, University of Oregon , the National Science Foundation and the Survival and Flourishing Fund.