GEOL 201: Earth's Interior Heat & Dynamics

Processes that cause earthquakes, volcanism, mountain building, and plate tectonics. Includes Earth’s origin and internal structure, rocks and minerals, gravity and magnetics. Weekly lectures, two-hour laboratory.

GEOL 332: Introduction to Petrology

Origin and classification of igneous and metamorphic rocks. Microscopic study of rocks in thin section.

GEOL 450: Summer Geology Field Camp

Geological fieldwork in selected parts of Oregon; emphasizes mapping at several scales in sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic areas. Mapping on topographic and air-photo bases.

GEOL 471/571: Geochemical Thermodynamics

Introduction to geologic application of classical chemical thermodynamics. Gibbs free energy and its temperature, pressure, and composition derivatives; fugacity, activity, and chemical potential. Solutions, ideal and nonideal.

GEOL 620: Advanced Igneous Petrology

Igneous rocks of the ocean basins, continental margins, and stable continental interior including basalts, calcalkaline series, and granites. Content varies according to research interests.