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Additional photos of Mir, an Eastern European town

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View of village houses and fields
View of houses and fields
Market square
Market square
Local family with visitor.

A local family with visitor. The cemetery is in the background.

It is likely that the visitor is S.L. Hoffman, who grew up in nearby Turetz and emigrated to America at age 14. He returned to Europe many times and made major contributions to the well being of the Jews of Turetz and Mir. See Turetz Yizkor Book (page 13 for a photo,and pages 51-52 and 108 in the English section for more about Mr. Hoffman)

Children at cemetery
Two children at the cemetery

Men from Mir Men from Mir
Men from Mir
Zissel Pisetzner is in the top row (3rd from the left). He is the great grandfather of Carole Montello, who reports that Zissel died some time between 1933 and 1936.

Shirley Roth remembers Yudel Pisetzner, who may have been Zissel's son.

Updated September 2011


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