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More photos of Mir as it once was

A view of the town of Mir, around 1918 (picture sent by Wendy Almeleh)

Mir Yeshiva (picture sent by Wendy Almeleh)

Mir Yeshiva 1930s
Photo of Mir Yeshiva taken by a Heshy Boumerand in 1931 or 1932
(contributed by Jenni Buch who mantains a web site for Kamenetz Litovsk, Belarus)

Mir Castle and Lake, around 1930 (picture sent by Wendy Almeleh)

Mir Castle came into the possession of the SVIATOPOLK-MIRSKI family in 1891 . Among the last owners were Prince Michael and then his nephew, Prince Basil Sviatopolk-Mirski.

At present, Mir Castle is under ownership of the Belarusian Government, and UNESCO has given funds to Mir Castle for further restoration. (This information was provided by Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski, niece of the last owner.)

  Outside Mir Castle, around 1910 (photo from Wendy Almeleh)


mir castle
Photo of Mir Castle from the album of Heshy Boumerand who visited Mir in 1931 or 1932
(contributed by Jenni Buch)


On a trip to Mir in 1922, Fanny Gorodeisky and her mother, visit the grave of Fanny's grandfather (?) Aharon Leib Gorodeisky in the old Mir cemetery. The gravestone states that here lies Aharon Leib Yosef ben Menachem Gershon, died the 14th of Iyar 5643 (1883).
(Photo sent by Patrick Gordis)

This excellent photo taken in the cemetery in Mir shows all the vegetation and several of the old tombstones. It looks to be the same era as the cemetery photos on Mir photos page 2. This is the same area that is now enclosed by wall and gate Mir 2001.

To read about how the cemetery was reclamed, see Recent views of Mir

Dovid Dancig at the tombstone of his mother Brocha. Her father's name was Dovid.
(it is likely that David Dancig was named for his grandfather and his daughter was named for her grandmother Brocha.) See photos of his family and his wife's family.

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