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Young Men's Mirer Society
Mount Hebron Cemetery, Maspeth, Queens

Plot Map 593 of Graves, Block 5, Section 1, Lots 19-30

The names below come from a plot map for Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Flushing, NY. The list was created before 2005 by Wendy Almeleh, who located the files in the YIVO Archives at the Center for Jewish History in NYC, copied them all and provided them to this web site. It only covers burials before 1990 but is still a quick way to look for family names.

Currently it is possible to search for names on the Mount Hebron Cemetery website.
Scroll down to SEARCH/ Find a grave , type Mirer Young Men in the Society box, click Search and you should see 993 results over ten pages. Clicking on any one of these names should result in a page with more details about the individual, including age and date of death. All pages include a map and perhaps a photo of the gates of this section

Last Name      First Name

Abrahams Sol
Abrahams Ida
Abramofsky Esther
Aginsey Philip
Altschuler Hannah
Bloom Abraham
Bloom Gussie
Bloom Louis
Bloom Mamie
Bloom Louis
Boosin Lena
Boosin Joseph
Boosin Rosie
Boosin Samuel
Boosin Millie
Boosin Isidore
Boosin Yetta
Chodok Sam
Cohen Sarah
Cohen Kalman
Diamond Lillian
Dworetsky Sophie
Dworetsky Harry
Dworkin Anna
Edelstein Ida
Epstein Ida
Fluser Abraham
Frankel Julie
Gach Shulke
Gach Peretz
Gelman S.
Gelman Zelda
Gelman Barney
Gerber Rose
Goldberg Bessie
Goldberg Abe
Gordon Jacob
Gordon Abraham
Gorodeisky Rishe
Gorodeisky Hyman
Greenberg Meyer
Greenberg Anna
Greenberg Louis
Greenberg Rebecca
Greenberg Sarah
Greenberg Sam
Grossman Moshe
Halperin Ida
Harkavy Jennie
Harkavy Hyman
Harris Irving
Harris Rose
Harris Joseph
Harris Nathan
Harris Rosie
Harris Edward
Harris Jack
Harris Irving
Harris Sylvia
Harris Charles
Harris Claudia
Heft Emma
Hershkowitz Leon
Hershkowitz Abraham
Hershkowitz Jacob
Joseph Beckie
Joseph Harris
Kaplan Jerry
Kirby Michael
Kirsky Fannie
Kroshinsky Louis
Kunin Celia
Levine Sarah
Lidowsky Chaje
Lipshitz Esther
Marshak Nathan
Marshak Ann
Mashovsky Ethel
Meltzer William
Meltzer Samuel
Mersel Jennie
Milling Elsie
Miranker Louis
Miranker Rachel
Miransky David
Miransky Rachel
Mirsky Feiga
Mutchnick Max
Mutchnick Morris
Mutchnick Ida
Paulowitz Max
Pisetzner Fannie
Pisetzner Morris
Poysey Harey L.
Rabinowitz Jacob
Rabinowitz Minnie
Rabinowitz Breine
Radeloff Gertrude
Radeloff Samuel
Riger or Riser Anna
Rosen Morris
Ross Morton
Sacharowitz M.
Sampler Chane
Schaeffer Mache
Schmuckler Bernie
Schmuckler Rachel Molly
Scholman Jack
Schulman Bessie
Schwartz Meyer
Selikoff Jacob
Selikoff Rachel
Selikoff Eva
Seltzer Bessie
Semlowitz Annie
Skolnik Matilda
Slutskin Morris
Stern Esther
Stillman Mary
Suchow T.
Tobias Bertha
Tobias Elias
Tobias Isaac
Tobias Eva
Tomshinsky Mr.
Tomshinsky Mrs.
Tomshinsky Jacob
Tomshinsky Dena
Tomshinsky Baby
Tunnick Jacob
Tunnick Hannah
Weiner Samuel
Weiner Golda
Weiner Jacob
Weiner Harry
Weinstein Zlate
Weinstein Pesach
Welitoff Lazar
Wiener Celia
Wiener Israel
Wiener Lena
Wiener Julius
Wiener Rebecca
Wiener Samuel
Wiener Nathan
Wiener Jacob
Wiener Beckie
Wolf Isaac
Wolf Dr. George
Wolf Dr. Rose
Zenkin Anna
Zinkin Celia
Zinkin Jacob
Zlotnick Jacob



1. *The date of survey is variously marked 1947 and 1955, but later burials are listed. If a burial date is not listed, the grave was marked "Reserved" which might mean that the person had not died before the date of the survey.
2. These plot maps are not of the entire plots of the society in this cemetery. There may be many more graves in the Mirer Society plots that are not included. The names above are the only ones in the data in Record Group 1320 from the YIVO Archives.

3. All people who are buried in these plots were not necessarily from Mir. Other people could have bought plots from the society.

For information on individual names, contact Mount Hebron Cemetary, 130-04 Horace Harding Boulevard, P.O. Box 228, Flushing, NY 11352. Phone: 718-939-9405

Source: YIVO, Record Group 1320: Young Men's Mirer Society

Web pages with Lists of Names on Mirer Society Cemetery Plots
Mount Zion Cemetery, Queens, NY
Beth David Cemetery, Elmont, NY
Mount Hebron Cemetery- block 65, Flushing, NY
Mount Hebron Cemetery - block 67, Flushing , NY
Mount Hebron Cemetery - block 5, Flushing, NY

Updated October 2022


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