Community-Based GIS with ArcPad
Marc Schlossberg
Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM)


ArcPad GIS and Pocket PCs give new opportunities and power in community-based mapping.  The Planning, Public Policy, and Management Department (PPPM) at the University of Oregon is engaging in some very interesting projects in this area.  Click on a project below to learn more. 

Citizen Participation with Mobile GIS: These are University-Community partnerships that combine the student and faculty resources of an applied GIS course with the local expertise of neighborhood citizens in mapping local community conditions.  In addition to teaching students new GIS skills, these service learning and action research projects are intended to help develop social networks, organize the community, and provide a spatial overview of a local community to its members. Test.



Conducting a Safe Routes to School Walkability Audit with ArcPad GIS: This site gives an overview of a new walkability audit instrument designed for ArcPad GIS, presenting a field-based, spatially referenced approach to pedestrian measurement.



Residential Housing Condition Sidewalk Survey with ArcPad GIS: In the summer of 2004, the City of Eugene asked PPPM to conduct a residential housing condition survey.  We modified an instrument used previously in Flint, MI and converted it to ArcPad GIS.



PPPM536: Applied GIS and Social Planning: This is an intermediate applied GIS class at the University of Oregon that incorporates ArcPad in its focus on social issues. In addition to hands-on skill building, this course focuses on social planning, bottom-up community development, public participation, empowerment, and equity..

(For technical information about the gadgets we've used, click here.)

All of these projects were made possible through an academic seed grant by the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium (NWACC).

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