Detector for the ILC

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       SiD Concept


SiD is a multi-purpose detector, optimized for the broad range of physics opportunities at the ILC. It is a compact, cost-constrained detector made possible with a 5 Tesla magnetic field and silicon tracking. Silicon enables time-stamping on single bunch crossings to provide robust performance, derived from immunity to spurious background bursts. The highly granular calorimeter is optimized for particle flow analysis. the detector is designed to allow eventual operation at energies up to the TeV range.

Table of SiD dimensions.

SiD is planning to share the one interaction region through a `push-pull' system. This system allows each detector be moved to the beamline to operate with collisions while the other detector is parked out of the beam in a close-by maintenance position. The intervals of switching locations are short enough to ensure both acquire data on any potential discovery. The time for transition must be on the order of one day to maximize ILC integrated luminosity.