Detector for the ILC

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       SiD History


  • The SiD concept was introduced at the 2003 ECFA Linear Collider Workshop in Amsterdam: SLAC-PUB-11413
  • The SiD Design Study was initiated in 2004 at the Victoria LCWS meeting.
  • SiD was re-introduced in subsequent regional meetings at Durham and Taipei.
  • The first major SiD Design Study Meeting was held in conjunction with the ALCPG Snowmass Meeting in 2005.
    • This was the first meeting where the design had been captured completely in GEANT4.
  • A series of Workshops followed at Fermilab, SLAC, RAL, and Colorado, in addition to informational meetings conducted at the regional linear collider workshops at Vienna, Valencia, Beijing, Sendai, and Warsaw.
  • SiD produced a Detector Outline Document in 2006.
  • SiD produced a Detector Concept Report for the ILC Reference Design Report in 2007.
  • SiD presented reports to the Tracking, Calorimetry, and Vertex Detector Reviews organized by the World Wide Study in 2007
  • SiD presented a Letter of Intent in 2009.
  • SiD presented is Detector Baseline Report in 2013 as a contribution to the ILC TDR