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Terra Hiebert -- Parenting Award Winner, 2014-15

I am a PhD candidate in Biology, stationed at the U of O's marine station in Charleston, OR (the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology) where my research focus is the diversity of a small marine invertebrate phylum of worms (the Nemertea), commonly called ribbon worms. I graduated from the U of O in 2004 with a degree in Marine Biology and worked at the Institute of Neuroscience for five years before beginning graduate school. I am now a 33 year old non-traditional graduate student and my husband and I are expecting our first baby this summer 2015. This UOWGS Parenting Award will compensate for our reduced household income as my husband stays home to care for our baby while I finish my graduate career. Furthermore, and more immediately, this award will aid in the costs associated with the birth and care of our new child in the first year.