US Political Thought

Fall, 1995
Department of Political Science
University of Oregon


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    Last updated December 2, 1995.

    What's New

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    Announcements & reminders for the week of November 26th, 1995

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    Syllabus, including revisions and additions

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    Lectures, Essay questions, Handouts, Feedback and other Information by Topic


    What is US Political Thought? Some American Arguments

    America Imagined, America Conquered

    The Constitutional Founding

    Native American Influence on American Revolutionary and Constitutional Politics

    National democracy, development and imperial expansion

    Race relations in the 19th century

    Responses to industrialization

    Cold war democracy and the new social movements

    The present: triumph and/or terminus of liberal democratic modernization?

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    Examination Materials

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    Student & Small Group Information

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    Some American Politics & History Web Sites

    Send me suggestions for additional sites.

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    About the Images

    The craft images come from theNational Museum of American Art's White House Collection. The elaborately decorated bowl at the top of the page features an abstract and fragmented design motif inspired by the American flag. It was created by Bennett Bean.

    The interlaced wood is a detail from a plate created by Fletcher Cox. The Museum guide says that the "patterning results from an ordered but random encounter of wood pieces. The central focal image, a calculated diamond pattern, is based on the traditional geometric formula of the golden section."

    The yellow boxwood vessel reminds me of a sunflower or balsamroot flower. According to the Museum, "the silhouette of this vessel creates the impression of an object ready to levitate. The dark lower portion, narrow at the bottom, balances the lighter upper section, which appears inflated and almost buoyant." It was created by Bob Hawk.

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    Instructor Office Hours, Phone and E-mail

    My office is in 214 Villard. My new office hours this fall will be:

    If you need to talk with me outside my office hours, feel free to call me at home between 9:00am and 9:00pm Monday through Friday, or on the weekends between 10:00am and 8:00pm. My number is 345-4204. You can also reach me via e-mail at, or simply by clicking here.

    I welcome feedback on the course and on this web page.

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