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XstreamteamL to R: Amanda Fay, Jerri Moro, Ryan Warner-Steel, Carolynne Bohannon, Shanon Tymann

The Xstream Team is a faction of the University of Oregon's Environmental Leadership Program with a focus on environmental edcuation. We have developed a partnership with the United States Forest Service to educate students in Lane County about stream ecology. 

During Winter term 2007, the X-Stream Team developed interdisciplinary lesson plans to increase awareness of river issues and inspire action to help protect these valuable ecosystems.  These lessons include a variety of activities designed to accommodate different learning styles and are correlated to Oregon State Educational Benchmarks. 
Throughout the spring term, we took these lessons out to the community, visiting 6 local schools and participating in 4 outreach activities.  We estimate the program reached over 300 students. Research has shown that experiential hands-on environmental education can help raise student test scores and promote a healthy long-term relationship with nature. Our hope is that students will use their new knowledge of stream ecology to make positive changes within the community.


For a more detailed description of our project, download our full project description

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