Electronic Music Interactive v2

25. Amplifiers

In a synthesis system the one basic function of the amplifier is, above all, to control the amplitude, or level, of the signal passing through it. There will always be a control that permits the user to set the amplitude of the waveform passing through it.

Graph of input wave to output wave.
Low amplitude sin wave.
Basic sin wave.
High amplitude sin wave.
Blue low amplitude sin wave.
Blue basic sin wave.
Blue high amplitude sin wave.
Title of animation.


Example 25-1: The amplifier controls the amplitude of the signal passing through it.

A waveform may be input to an amplifier with a low level setting resulting in an output waveform with a reduced amplitude. If the user wishes to increase the output amplitude, the level control can be adjusted upward.

It is important to remember that despite the change in amplitudes, the output waveform remains unchanged.