Greg Knapp

What You'll Find Here

This is my attempt to record what I've learned about various technical platforms that are necessary and/or useful for being a professional mathematician.  I learned most of these things by word-of-mouth and copious internet searching, so my goal is to put information here that "everyone knows," but no one knows where they learned it.  I plan to start with LaTeX and HTML guides, but I may write something about computer algebra systems eventually (i.e. once I've learned more about them).

Warning: I am not an expert in the inner workings of any of these things!  However, I think that this provides these guides with a different (and hopefully, more useful) flavor than other guides you might find online.  These guides are written by a non-expert who got these things working and these guides are intended for non-experts who just want to get things working and don't really want to put the time into learning all the inner workings of these technical systems.  Because of my non-expertise, however, I will almost certainly not be able to help you troubleshoot.

LaTeX Guides

Coming soon:

How (and why) to get a local installation of LaTeX running on your computer
How (and when) to write your own .sty and .cls files
How to use BibTeX

HTML Guides

How to set up a personal website on the University of Oregon server (by Katie Gedeon)

Other Guides

Coming soon:

How to write your own WeBWorK problems