Greg Knapp

My complete teaching portfolio, including my teaching experience, statement of teaching philosophy/practice, teaching evaluations, and sample teaching materials can be found here:

Teaching Resources

Here are the resources (lecture notes/guides, worksheets, homework solutions, etc.) from courses I've previously taught.  Note that exams are NOT included--if you want access to my exams, please send me an email.

The provided files are .zip files containing both the .tex and .pdf versions of everything.  I've also included my custom .sty and .cls files when applicable (I think...if you need something, use the link above to email me).  Make sure those files are in the relevant directory if you wish to compile anything that needs them.

Most of the provided resources are self-explanatory, but you should know that the Course Notes document contains a list of my notes-to-self about how I want to change my materials the next time I teach the course.  Read that at some point so that you can make the corresponding changes before you teach the class.


NB: My pre-calculus resources are not well-polished because I have only taught each class once and they were the first two courses I taught.


Number Theory


Teaching Seminar

I co-organize the University of Oregon's Student Teaching Seminar (the teaching seminar for graduate students) with Marissa Masden.  We meet weekly to discuss pedagogical and practical issues about our teaching practices.  You can find some of the notes from our previous meetings here:

Teaching Seminar Notes