Dr. John R. Lukacs

Recent Grants

2007         UO Summer Research Award. Complete monograph on human skeletal remains from                   Mesolithic Damdama. Tentatively entitled, “Holocene foragers of north India: The                   bioarchaeology of Damdama.” British Archaeological Reports - International Series.

2007         Wenner-Gren Foundation. “Developmental stress in juvenile apes and humans: Is the                   deciduous dental evidence consistent?”
                  Data: observe / score enamel hypoplasias; measure dental crown / inter-cuspal                   distance Royal Museum of Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium) - bonobo (Pan                   paniscus) sampleGadjah Mada University, Dental School (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) -                   modern human (Malay) dental sample

2007         L.S.B. Leakey Foundation. “Dental asymmetry, enamel hypoplasia and perinatal stress                   in sub-adult hominoids.”
                  Data: observe / score enamel hypoplasias in early hominid fossil species                   Australopithecus afarensis. National Museum of Ethiopia (Addis Ababa).