Dr. John R. Lukacs


John Lukacs - Graduate Advisees: 1990 - Present.

As Committee Chair:

A) Doctoral Students.

1) Hemphill, Brian E. (1991) Tooth size apportionment among contemporary Indians:  an analysis of caste, language and geography.  PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon.

Past positions: Moorehead State College (Moorhead, MN; Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
Present position: Associate Professor of Anthropology, California State University, Bakersfield (Bakersfield, CA).

2) Pastor, Robert F. (1993) Dental Microwear among prehistoric inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent:  a quantitative and comparative analysis.  PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon

Past positions: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Bradford University, Bradford, UK.
Present Position: visiting courtesy appointment, Department of Anthropology, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)

3) Tasa, Guy (1997) Population affinity of Northwest Coast native Americans: An analysis of non_metric traits.  PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon. (Fall ‘97).

Present Position: Oregon State Museum of Anthropology; Forensic & Highway Osteologist.

4) Nelson, Greg C. (1998) Occlusal variation among castes and tribes of India.  PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon (Winter ‘98).

Past positions: Post-doctoral appointment - associate director UO General Science Program
Present Position: visiting courtesy appointment, Department of Anthropology, University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)

5) Guatelli_Steinberg, Debbie (1998) Prevalence and etiology  of linear enamel hypoplasia in non_human primates. PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon (Fall ‘98).

Past Positions: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Ohio State University (Columbus & Newark) Department of Anthropology (Fall 2000).
Present position: Associate Professor, Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

6) Floyd, Bruce (1999) The Impact of Rapid Socioeconomic and Demographic Change on Childhood and Adolescent Growth Patterns in Urban and Rural Taiwan.  PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon (Winter ‘99).

Past Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii, Hilo;
Present position: Assistant Professor (tenure track) University of Auckland, Department of Anthropology (New Zealand)

7) Penton, Misty (1998) Bioarchaeology of Southeastern USA.  PhD Candidate, Anthropology, UO. (discontinued degree program)

8) Potter, Aimee (2004) The Genetic Affinities of the Prehistoric People of San Clemente Island,
California: An Analysis of Ancient DNA.  PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon (June 2004).

Past positions: FBI - DNA Identification Lab (Quantico, VA)

9) Walker, Cameron (2006)  The Bioarchaeology of Newly Discovered Burial Caves in the
Sierra Tarahumara. PhD, Anthropology University of Oregon (December 2006).

Past positions: visiting assistant professor, Anthropology, Iowa State University.
Present position: Body Worlds, Inc. anatomical preparations.

10) Robbins, Gwendolyn (2007) Population Dynamics, Growth and Development in Chalcolithic Sites of the Deccan Plateau, India. PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon (June 2007)

11) Casserino, Chris (2008) A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Inter-personal Aggression: Did Conflict Contribute to the Downfall of Casas Grandes. PhD Dissertation, in field research / data collection phase. (target date for completion June 2008).

12) McLaughlin, Jeanne (2008) Forensic anthropology in Oregon: Testing and revising legal procedures for linking missing persons and unidentified bodies.  PhD Dissertation, in data collection phase of research. (target date for completion - June 2008)

13) Madimenos, Felicia (2010) new student (Fall 2006) interests in paleopathology & dental anthropology. Doctoral dissertation topic and comprehensive exam areas under development.

B) Master’s Students.

1) Walters, Sharon (1990) Tooth size in relation to cusp number for modern caste groups of Maharashtra state, India.  MA, Anthropology, University of Oregon.

2) Penton, Misty (1995) Bioarchaeology of the southeastern US: the Mangum Site.  MA, Anthropology, UO.

3) Vallianatos, Helen (1996) Prelude to paleodiet: A histological and elemental study of diagenesis among early Holocene skeletons from north India. MS, Anthropology, UO.
4)  Coe, Barbara (1997) New age estimates for Inamgaon infants: A bioarchaeological approach to climate and culture change in prehistoric India.  MS, Anthropology, UO.

5) Bhiladvala, Samantha (1998) Foramen Caecum Molare: Prevalence among Marathas and Madia Gonds of India.  MS, Anthropology, UO.

6) Hannibal, Darcy (2000) Enamel hypoplasia prevalence and etiology in great apes. MS, Anthropology, UO.(June)

7) Robbins, Gwen (2000) Dental histology and age estimation in prehistoric skeletons from South Asia.  MS, Anthropology, UO.(December 2000)

8) Abbott-Moore, Megan (2001). Improving methods of antemortem dental data collection from relatives of missing persons.  MS, Anthropology, UO. (June 2001)

9) McLaughlin, Jeanne (2003) Scavenging and disarticulation patterns: A study to aid rural death investigations in western Oregon. MS, Anthropology, UO (March 2003).

10) Raynor, Laura (2003) Stable Isotopes and Diet: A Study of Human Remains Recovered from Prehistoric and Historic Archaeological Sites. MS, Anthropology, UO March 2003

11) Henderson, Emily (2006) Platyrrhine dental development: Eruption, ecology and paleontological implications.  MS, Anthropology, UO (June 2006)


As Committee Member or External Committee Member:

A) Doctoral Committee Service.

1) Berard, John D. (1990) Life history patterns of male rhesus macaques on Cayo Santiago.
PhD, Anthropology, University of Oregon.

2) Chaudhuri, Dipes (1991) Variation in morpho_genetic characters among the Teli of Vidarbha.
Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Calcutta.

3) Saxena, Anita (1992) Physical growth and changes in body proportions of Rajput children of Rajasthan Desert with special reference to their nutritional status.  Ph.D., Anthropology, Punjab University.

4) Griffin, Mark C. (1993) Morphological variation of the Late Precontact and Contact Period Guale.  Dr. Clark Spencer Larsen, Chair. PhD, Anthropology, Purdue University.

5) Reddy, Katari Surendranadha (1993) Genetic Variation Among the Reddis of Andhra Pradesh. 
Ph.D., Physical Anthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology, Sri Venkateswara University.

6) Mohanty, Sujata (1994) Forensic anthropological investigation on skeletal remains from costal Orissa.  Ph.D., Anthropology, Utkal University, Bhubaneshwar.

7) Beck, Belinda (1996) The Relationship of Streaming Potential Magnitude to Strain and Periosteal Re_modeling. PhD, Exercise and Movement Science, UO.

8) Lee, Rob (1997) The Impact of Hunting and Habitat Disturbance on the Population Dynamics and Behavioral Ecology of the Crested Black Macaque.  PhD, Anthropology, UO.

9) Krishnamurthy, Ramesh (1999) Status of the Habitat and Conservation of Lion_tailed Macaques (Macaca silenus) in Karnataka, India. PhD, Anthropology, UO.

10) Henneberg, Renatta (1999) Dental Health and Affiliations of Inhabitants of the Ancient Greek Colony in Metaponto, Italy (6th - 3rd century B.C.).  PhD, Faculty of Science, University of Witwatersrand (Johannesberg, South Africa).

11) Babbu, K. (2003) A Genetic Study of the Konda Reddies: A Tribal Group of Andhra Pradesh. PhD dissertation, Department of Physical Anthropology, Sri Venketeswara University (Tirupati, India)

12) Raghavaiah, K Bhamini (2006)  Re-examination of “Genetic demography and dermatoglyphic
variation among tribes of Coorg District, Karnataka, INDIA.” Department of Anthropology, University of Mysore. Completed: 5 May 2006.

B) Master’s Committee Service.

1) Forrest, Nancy (1995) Women's Participation in Agriculture in the Indian Himalayas.
MA, International Studies, UO.

2) Tsukamoto, Suyoko Anne (2003) The Prevalence and Timing of Enamel Hypoplasia in the Bonobo, Pan paniscus [Coolidge, 1933]. Master of Arts. Simon Fraser University, Department of Archaeology (November 2003).