Dr. John R. Lukacs

Recent Conferences, Workshops and Invited Lectures

Ganges Basin in Prehistory - Bioarchaeology Workshop, Cambridge University.

2-3 June 2007, Cambridge, UK
Department of Biological Anthropology
Leverhulme Center for Human Evolutionary Studies
Ancient India & Iran Trust

hosts / organizers: Michael D. Petraglia, Nicole Boivin (Cambridge / Macdonald Institute) Dorian Fuller (University College London)

purpose: planning interdisciplinary bioarchaeological research on early Holocene foragers of the mid-Gangabasin.
paper presented: “Bioarchaeology of Holocene Foragers of the Ganga Plain.” (2 June 07)

Global History of Health Conference - Ohio State University

27 - 28 May 2007, Columbus, OH
Department of Anthropology
Columbus, OH

Hosts / organizers: Richard Steckel & Clark S. Larsen
purpose: research planning for history of health Eurasia & Africa
paper presented: “Bioarchaeology and Skeletal Sample in South Asia.” (27 May 07)

American Association of Physical Anthropologists, 76th annual meeting

27 March - April 1, 2007; Philadelphia, PA
1) attend organizational meeting for researchers involved in the
Global History of Health: Africa, Asia & the Pacific (Thursday, March 29th),
2) Invited panelist / discussant for symposium “Bioarchaeological perspectives in migration and human health in ancient East Asia.” (Saturday, March 31st, morning session).
3) Organizer and chair of Dental Anthropology Association symposium, “Recent advances in understanding oral pathology: Clinical, evolutionary, and prehistoric perspectives on sex and status differences.” (Saturday, March 31st, afternoon session).
4) Presenter, paper entitled “Sex differences in dental caries in living populations: A global meta-analysis.” (Saturday, March 31st, 2:00 pm).