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Illustration of the Attack on the Battery at Weihaiwei


Japanese Color Woodblock Print

Illustration of the Attack on the Battery at Weihaiwei

by Kobayashi Kiyochika, 1895

IHL Cat. #528

About This Print

Bodies fly as Japanese warships pound the Chinese forts defending Weihaiwei (Ikaiei in Japanese).  The German's had helped the Chinese Qing government build the naval base at Weihaiwei and they designed and equipped the batteries. Japanese troops are shown storming the battery. 

The naval port of Weihaiwei, with its men-of-war and Island of Liu-kung, fell completely in to Japanese hands on the 17th February, 1895.1

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A battery of the north forts after the shelling
by the Japanese navy.

1 For one account of the action at Weihaiwai see http://sinojapanesewar.com/weihai.htm

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Print Details

 IHL Catalog
 Title or Description Illustration of the Attack on the Battery at Weihaiwei 威海衛 鹿角嘴 砲台攻 撃之図
 Artist  Kiyochika Kobayashi (1847-1915)
Kiyochika 清親
 Seal  kiyo 清 (see image above)
 Publication Date March 1895 (Meiji 28)
Yamano Hide 山埜秀 (Hōsandō Hide 宝堂山 山埜秀 printed in left margin) [Marks: pub. ref. 599; seal not shown]

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 Impression excellent
 Colors excellent
 Condition fair - sheets joined together using non-water soluble adhesive which has discolored the seams
 Genre ukiyo-e - senso-e (Sino-Japanese War)
 Format vertical oban triptych
 H x W Paper
 14 1/2 x 28 1/4 in. (36.8 x 71.8 cm)
 H x W Image
 13 7/8 x 27 5/8 in. (35.2 x 70.2 cm)

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