Heceta Beach

Heceta Beach is an unincorporated community north of Florence on the Oregon Coast, and the name of a Lane County day-use park located there.  The park is split into Heceta Beach North, with water, paved parking for 15 cars, pit toilets, and a beach access  96  , and Heceta Beach South, with gravel parking for 6-8 cars and a gravel beach access  96A  trail.  Lane County parks are operated on a fee basis, so if you don't have an annual pass, you should know to visit the pay station on the north side.

Between the sections of the park is a large oceanfront resort motel called Driftwood Shores.  It has three-story and four-story wings, and visually dominates the area.  Many of the people on the beach may be staying at the motel.  As usual, the population density falls as you walk away from the beach access points.

This is a nice section of beach.  It's a 2 mile walk southward to the north jetty of the Siuslaw River at Harbor Vista Campground & Park.  It's a 1 mile walk northward to year-round Sutton Creek.  If you are comfortable fording creeks, there are three more miles of less-visited beach to the north. extending to Baker Beach.  On clear days, the long view to the north features Heceta Head and its picturesque lighthouse.

You can reach Heceta Beach via Heceta Beach Road from US 101 near milepost 187, or by driving Rhododendron Drive from within Florence.

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