South Jetty Dunes & Beach

South Jetty Dunes & Beach comprises the north end of the 42-mile Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.  It occupies a sand spit at the south shore of the mouth of the Siuslaw River, near Florence on the Oregon Coast.  There are nine access points to the dunes and beach, parking, and views of the Siuslaw River jetties and channel.

A broad sandy beach stretches several miles southward from the jetty, past Jessie M. Honeyman State Park and beyond, between the foredune and the Pacific Ocean surf.

There is a marked access road to South Jetty Dunes & Beach near milepost 192 on US 101, atop the hill south of the Siuslaw River Bridge.  The road winds westward for two miles through forested dunes, then turns north and follows the foredune northward for four miles to the end of the sand spit.  Google Maps.

Begun 2018.