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Events, Conferences & Programs

WIG photo This page contains links and information about upcoming conferences, workshops and programs about and for women in mathematics. There is both a page and downloadable Excel file on current Research Experience for Undergraduate programs. There is a newly created section on Research Collaboration Conferences & Networks for Women in Math. Click on the Women in Geometry photo to go to the page.

Opportunities logo This page contains links to informational sites on grant, fellowship, scholarship, and career opportunities for women in mathematics. A short description of each opportunity is included. Click on the NSF logo to go to the page.


Emmy Noether This page is an extensive collection of biographies of women mathematical scientists. Biographies have been combined from many websites. An icon associated to the site of origin for each sketch follows the name of the featured mathematician. This page has been greatly expanded in 2019. Click on the photo of Emmy Noether to go to the page.


AWM logo This page starts with a section of links to websites on associations, societies, and organizations for or of interest to women in mathematics. It concludes with a section of miscellaneous links to other sites of interest to students and academics in mathematics and short descriptions of what is available at those sites. Click on the AWM logo to go to the page.


Women's Wages This page contains a bibliography of publications about gender & math, feminist theories of science, selected publications on gender & science, and other related topics. The page is divided into 13 separate subpages, including a page on Gender Studies in Mathematics and Other Sciences conducted by Prof. Vitulli and others. Copies of the studies on Gender Differences in First Jobs for US Mathematics PhDs can be found on the Gender Studies page, including a new comprehensive study for the years 1991-2015. A Search engine is provided. Click on the bar graph to go to the pages.

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"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

- Albert Einstein

About Our Project

The Women in Math Project was created in 1997 by Marie A. Vitulli, Professor of Mathematics, Emerita, at the University of Oregon. She is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM). She served on the Executive Committee of the AWM as an At-large member and as Media Coordinator. Vitulli was chosen as the 2014 Falconer Lecturer at MathFest and is the recipient of the 2017 AWM Service Award. She is the author of a 25 year study on first jobs for US PhDs in math and has been active in adding and improving biographies of women in math on Wikipedia. Prof. Vitulli was elected an AWM Fellow in the class of 2019 and an AMS Fellow in the class of 2020. This site provides comprehensive resources and information for and about women in math. The site was chosen as Site of the Day by New Scientist Planet Science and as one of the Digital Dozen sites by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education. We hope you find these pages useful.

In the News

Dr. Melanie Matchett Wood was awarded the NSF Alan T. Waterman Award. Dr. Matchhett Wood is currently a professor of mathematics at Harvard University. She is the first woman to receive a Waterman Award, the highest honor for early-career scientists and engineers in the U.S. Read the AMS announcement Melanie Matchett Wood receives NSF Alan T. Waterman Award.