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Timeline of Adoption History

People & Organizations

Bastard Nation

Viola Wertheim Bernard

Charles Loring Brace

Pearl S. Buck

Child Welfare League of America

Concerned United Birthparents

Anna Freud

Sigmund Freud

Arnold Gesell

Bertha and Harry Holt

Justine Wise Polier

Jessie Taft

Sophie van Senden Theis

U.S. Children's Bureau

Adoption Studies/
Adoption Science

Field Studies

Neva R. Deardorff, The Children's Commission of Pennsylvania Studies Adoption, 1925

Ida Parker, Fit and Proper? 1927

Helen Lucile Pearson, “Child Adoption in Indiana,” 1925

Outcome Studies

Catherine S. Amatruda and Joseph V. Baldwin, ”Current Adoption Practices,” 1951

David Fanshel, Far from the Reservation, 1972

Benson Jaffee and David Fanshel, How They Fared in Adoption, 1970

Ruth W. Lawton and J. Prentice Murphy, “A Study of Results of a Child-Placing Society,” 1915

Sophie van Senden Theis, How Foster Children Turn Out, 1924

Margaret A. Valk, “Adjustment of Korean-American Children in Their American Adoptive Homes,” 1957

Helen Witmer, et al, Independent Adoptions: A Follow-Up Study, 1963

Nature/Nurture Studies

Margaret Cobb, “The Mentality of Dependent Children,” 1922

Psychopathology Studies

Harry F. Harlow, Monkey Love Experiments

Marshall D. Schechter, “Observations on Adopted Children,” 1960

Topics in Adoption History

Adoption History in Brief

Adoption Narratives

Adoption Statistics

African-American Adoptions

Baby Farming

Birth Parents

Child Welfare

Confidentiality and Sealed Records


The Family Nobody Wanted, 1954

“Feeble-Minded” Children

Field Studies

First Specialized Adoption Agencies

Fostering and Foster Care

Home Studies


Indian Adoption Project

Indian Child Welfare Act


International Adoptions


Minimum Standards

Nature-Nurture Studies

Orphan Trains

Outcome Studies


Proxy Adoptions

Psychopathology Studies

Search and Reunion

Shared Fate: A Theory of Adoption and Mental Health, 1964

Single Parent Adoptions

Social Work

Special Needs Adoptions


Transracial Adoptions

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