Syllabus: Winter 2004

 Arch 410/510 Basic VectorWorks

Week 1: Windows Operating System, VectorWorks Interface


Session 1:

Introduction, Class logistics
Basic CAD concepts, General VectorWorks concepts
Hardware basics
Windows system overview, file organization.

Session 2:

Starting to Draw, creating simple objects, drawing with accuracy, selection methods, simple editing commands.
Exercise 1

Week 2: Fundamentals: Basic Drawing and Editing Commands


Session 1:

Program fundamentals: Coordinate systems, dialog boxes, function keys, search, save drawings, On-line help, Viewing
Drawing: Layers, linetypes and linetype scales, text fonts.
Informational commands: List, Distance, Area.
Edit commands: stretch, scale, array, fillet, chamfer, break, trim , offset extend, divide, measure, lengthen
Plotting basics
Drawing aides: Isometric drawing, blips, highlight, snaps, grids.
DUE: Exercise 1

Session 2:

Exercise 2

Week 3: Document Organization


Session 1:

Layers and layer controls
Blocks: layer issues, libraries, updating
Xrefs: layer issues, paths, updating, sharing
Viewing methods: Model Space/ Paper Space, view, mview, vports, inquiry.
Plotting: Setup, What to plot, line width, pen files, defpoints, Previews, Output.
DUE: Exercise 2
  Session 2:
Exercise 3

Week 4: Advanced Objects and Editing


Session 1:

Types of objects: blocks, external references, groups, entities
Hatching: Bhatch, Associative hatching, Edit hatch
More on Model/Paper Space
Object Properties, Attribute Editing, Match Properties
DUE: Exercise 3
  Session 2:
Exercise 4

Week 5: Style Setups: Linetypes, Texts, Dimensions

  Session 1:
Multilines, Xlines, Plines, Splines, Polygons, Pedit, Solids,
Text: Style, Dtext, Mtext, Loading
Dimensioning: Associativity, styles, modifying styles
DUE: Exercise 4
  Session 2:
Exercise 5

Week 6: Dimensioning, Drawing from Xrefs & Plotting

  Session 1:
Pline, arc, circle,
Block attributes: inserting, editing, creating
Move, Rotate, Scale, Align, Mirror, Copy, Array, Fillet, chamfer, Trim, Offset Extend, etc.
DUE: Exercise 5
  Session 2:
Exercise 6

Week 7: Plotting

  Session 1:
Pen Files
Dithering on Laser printers
DXF import and export
Drawing Web Format (DWF)
DUE: Exercise 6
  Session 2:
Exercise 7

Week 8: Basic 3-D Modeling

  Session 1:
Basic 3D concepts: UCS, display, tools
Solids and surfaces
3D objects, advanced 3D features
Display: wire frame, hidden, shaded, rendered
Realistic Rendering
DUE: Exercise 7
  Session 2:
Exercise 8

Week 9: Software add-ons, Demos, and Discussion

  Session 1:
Demonstration of walk-throughs, display options
DUE: Exercise 8
  Session 2:

Week 10: Studio Reviews

Week 11: Final Exam Week, Practical Exam, Portfolio Due