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AERE Fellows

R.C. Bishop
N.E. Bockstael
R.G. Cummings
A.C. Fisher
G.M. Heal
C.S. Russell

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New 2006 AERE Fellows

AERE Luncheon, Prepared Remarks
(Trudy Ann Cameron, AERE President, 2007-2008)

Nancy E. Bockstael

In addition to the Influential Publications listed in the program, Nancy's 1997 Ecological Economics paper with Geoghegan and Wainger, on "Spatial Landscape Indices," and the interdisciplinary piece on "Ecological Economic Modeling and the Valuation of Ecosystems," in 1995 in the same journal (with Costanza, Strand, Boynton, Bell, and Wainger) have also been very widely cited. Her 1987 paper in Water Resources Research, on water quality improvements and recreational demand modeling, with Hanemann and Kling has had a very substantial impact. Finally, her 2000 JEEM paper with Leggett, on water quality and residential land prices, has already influenced an impressive number of other researchers, despite its relatively recent publication.

We salute Nancy for her many influential scholarly contributions, for her generous contributions of time and intellect to the sometimes frustrating tasks of policy-advising, and especially for her exceptional record of mentorship. While gender is fortunately irrelevant to most aspects of academic life these days, I can say from experience that the mere presence of at least a few very successful women, a bit further along the road in one's field, can be just the encouragement one needs to keep at it through the rough spots...even if the novice academic never enjoys the direct mentorship of the more-senior woman in question. "Nancy can do it; perhaps I can, too." You have been an incredible role model for so many young academics, and traces of your interests, insights, and standards for research can be seen in the impressive achievements of your students, and their students, and this exceptional influence will continue to grow through subsequent academic generations.

For her many contributions to the methodology of applied welfare analysis concerning environmental quality, household production approaches, and spatial methods in land-use models (among many other achievements), as well as her generous and conscientious service to AERE and to the broader constituency of all researchers and policy-makers in environmental, natural resources and agricultural economics, we today induct Nancy E. Bockstael as a 2006 Fellow of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Congratulations, Nancy!

* Ryan Bosworth and Erica Johnson were "volunteered" to take snapshots at the luncheon.
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