Electronic Music Interactive v2


keyboard controller
a MIDI-controller with a piano-like keyboard that is "played" and that sends MIDI information out to other instruments in the system.
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keyboard controller
a piano-like keyboard that is used to control some, or many, aspects of a synthesis system. A common variety are MIDI keyboard controllers.
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kilohertz, kHz
equal to 1000 Hertz.
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when, in digital sampling, all or a portion of the digital recording is directed to play repeatedly.
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a transducer that converts an analog signal back into acoustic energy that we can hear; usually loudspeakers come in pairs to produce a stereophonic effect, however, sometimes a cluster containing many speakers is used.
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low-frequency oscillator, LFO
a time-variant controller which by outputting frequencies in the subaudio range can induce change in a generator, a filter, or an amplifier, depending on which module is the destination of an LFO control signal.
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low-pass filter
a modifier module in the synthesis process which permits frequencies lower than a specified frequency (fc) to pass and removes or attenuates higher frequencies.
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