Electronic Music Interactive v2


band-pass filter
a modifier module in the synthesis process which permits frequencies within a specified bandwidth to pass and removes or attenuates frequencies outside this bandwidth.
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band-reject filter
a modifier module in the synthesis process which removes or attenuates frequencies within a specified bandwidth and permits frequencies outside this bandwidth to pass unaltered.
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the band of frequencies comprised of all frequencies between a defined upper frequency and a defined lower frequency.
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basic synthesizer
a simple configuration of the oscillator, filter and amplifier modules.
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one of the two values, 0 or 1, that are used in the binary number system.
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a group of eight bits that forms a value from 0 to 255.
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1/100th of a semitone.
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in reference to a MIDI sequencer, small, equally spaced time divisions of a quarter note.
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a synthesis module that combines the audio signals from several or many sources. Often a combiner is given a formal name within a system, and many times the combining function occurs transparently without the user having to include it in the synthesis process. Also called a mixer.
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complex waveform
any waveform comprised of multiple frequencies.
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computer music
used to refer to any type of music composed with a computer. In some cases the actual sound production arises from the computer itself, and in other cases the computer is functioning as a control unit.
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constructive interference
when the amplitude of one wave or frequency combines with the amplitude of one or more waves or frequencies to create an increase in amplitude.
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Control change message
a type of three-byte MIDI command that sends information on a specified channel about how a particular musical parameter on the corresponding channel should be changed over the course of time.
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control signal
the signal output by a time-variant controller.
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cutoff frequency, fc
the specific frequency above which, or below which, (depending on the filter type) frequencies are removed or attenuated.
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a single, complete occurrence of a waveform pattern.
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cycles per second (c.p.s.)
how frequency is expressed, the same as Hertz.
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